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Lelde Plesa

Area Manager

About Lelde

Responsible for elevating the PAB Languages brand – and identifying how we can add value and benefit society – Lelde helps grow the business by establishing relationships, building trust and promoting our services to the right people across the local and national business community.

Lelde holds the PRINCE2 Foundation Certificate in Project Management, a Diploma in Team Leading, an Intermediate Apprenticeship in Team Leading, and the Certificate in Principles of Customer Service.

Lelde has been actively involved in the Celebrating Cultural and Language Diversity Campaign. This involves organising a series of free events across the UK to raise awareness, encourage discussions, deepen understanding and build communities. Between March 2019 and February 2020, these events were attended by over 300 delegates including local politicians, business owners, community leaders, influencers, public authority representatives, social services staff, charities, educational institutions, local chambers of commerce and everyone living, working in, or visiting the UK.

Lelde Plesa - PAB Languages

Favourite quotes

Do what is right for You!

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show the world that you have a thousand reasons to smile.