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Travel & Hospitality

Accurate and culturally relevant travel and hospitality translation services for global travel agencies, international airports, hotels, restaurants, pubs, and online travel booking sites.

How can we support you?

We support businesses in building successful relations with people from different countries and cultures. We can transcreate marketing material to attract, engage and inform overseas audiences in an easily accessible format.

We provide translations of travel, tourism, leisure, and sports material for a wide range of clients: travel agencies, hotels, tourist attractions and events, event planning companies, marketing and media companies, as well as corporate clients in the hospitality industry.

Our attention to detail and cultural awareness has earned PAB Languages a reputation for quality, assured and cost-effective translations. Consequently, you can be assured that our translation service operates with maximum efficiency and complete accuracy.

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Tell us about your translation needs and an expert will be in touch with a tailored quote. headshot
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Why choose PAB Languages

Fast, Reliable and Efficient

We pride ourselves on accuracy and speed of delivery. We ensure our clients can arrange assignments and access our services 24/7 via our secure, encrypted portal.

Think Global and Act Local

Our team come from all over the world and, as native speakers, understand the challenges different languages and cultural nuances present for organisations and individuals.

Team of Skilled Experts

Our highly qualified translators, interpreters and language professionals offer support in over 200 languages and work with integrity and confidentiality, no matter the circumstances.

Long-term Collaborative Approach

We believe in providing exceptional results through collaborative working. This approach also means we have a unique understanding of industry and client-specific terminology for any project.

Commitment to Social Responsibility and Sustainability

PAB Languages was founded on the belief that great things happen with true and transparent collaboration between our staff, clients and community, regardless of their language, location or culture.

Quality Assurance Management Systems

We’re proud to be ISO 9001 Quality Management System accredited and thanks to our 5-step Quality Assurance Process, the quality of our service is guaranteed.