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Website translation and localisation services

Websites that work for your audience, no matter what language they speak.

Website translation and localisation services

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If you are already selling your goods and services around the world, or are planning to, professional website translation should be a key element of your digital strategy.

Our web translation and bilingual copywriting specialists will support you to produce a website your international customers want to do business with.

Why you need to translate your website

“Website visitors stay twice as long if a website is in their language”

Website translation is critical if you want to engage and retain your customers and guarantee they have confidence in your brand, products and services.

Benefits of localising your website

Your website needs to speak to your audience, but this means more than just a switch in language.

At PAB Languages we’ll analyse your target market and take the time to tailor your content and digital approach to your specific audience, both linguistically and culturally. And, because our team come from all over the world, they understand and will help you overcome the challenges different languages and cultures present to your business.

Website localisation and translation services

We’ll work with you at each stage of your web project, from content translation to expert support with SEO and multimedia. Our team understands the nuances of language and culture and will ensure your digital messaging, campaigns and even imagery feel natural to native speakers.

Get expert support

For over a decade, we’ve been helping businesses communicate effectively with new audiences and save money. Get in touch to find out more.

For over a decade, we’ve been helping businesses communicate effectively with new audiences and save money. Get in touch to find out more. headshot

We have worked with PAB for over 4 years on projects such as website translation, online marketing, and social media localisation. We highly recommend to anyone requiring accurate translation.

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Why choose PAB Languages

Fast, Reliable and Efficient

We pride ourselves on accuracy and speed of delivery. We ensure our clients can arrange assignments and access our services 24/7 via our secure, encrypted portal.

Think Global and Act Local

Our team come from all over the world and, as native speakers, understand the challenges different languages and cultural nuances present for organisations and individuals.

Team of Skilled Experts

Our highly qualified translators, interpreters and language professionals offer support in over 200 languages and work with integrity and confidentiality, no matter the circumstances.

Long-term Collaborative Approach

We believe in providing exceptional results through collaborative working. This approach also means we have a unique understanding of industry and client-specific terminology for any project.

Commitment to Social Responsibility and Sustainability

PAB Languages was founded on the belief that great things happen with true and transparent collaboration between our staff, clients and community, regardless of their language, location or culture.

Quality Assurance Management Systems

We’re proud to be ISO 9001 Quality Management System accredited and thanks to our 5-step Quality Assurance Process, the quality of our service is guaranteed.