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Celebrating Cultural and Language Diversity

Championing good understanding of cross-cultural challenges and promoting a more inclusive culture

At PAB, we’re passionate believers that great things can happen through true collaboration between companies, institutions, and people from different countries, which is why we’re so proud of our Celebrating Cultural and Language Diversity campaign.

What’s behind the campaign?

Originally launched by Iwona Lebiedowicz in March 2019, the campaign champions better understanding of cross-cultural diversity and promotes a more inclusive culture through a range of activities, educational workshops and community events.

We want to:

  • Enable thriving relationships between companies, institutions and people from different countries and cultures.
  • Create a more welcoming and supportive society by championing cross-cultural awareness and promoting inclusivity.
  • Foster good relations by working with partners to raise cross-cultural expectations.
  • Encourage everyone to improve their communication skills with speakers from other cultures.
  • Broaden knowledge about the importance of cultural awareness in society.

We know these are big ambitions, but the campaign is already having an impact, which is something we’re incredibly proud of.

Sparking conversations in our communities

From small acorns grow mighty oaks, and we’re proud to see the impact of our work, which included:

  1. A series of FREE events across the UK to raise awareness, encourage discussions and deepen understanding of the opportunities understanding different languages and cultures can provide. With over 300 delegates attending including politicians, business owners, community leaders, they offer everyone an open opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of diversity.
  2. We’ve delivered talks in schools to promote diverse languages and cultures among young people and signed up for local Chamber schools initiatives to speak with students about diversity, working life, and sharing experiences. In addition, we are supporting a secondary school with their Year 8 pupils’ progression into studying languages in years 9, 10 and 11 and those taking GCSEs in foreign languages.
  3. Recorded interviews and podcasts for media organisations, sharing our experiences and success stories as well as the key steps for organisations to take to improve their diversity and inclusion.
  4. Launched a cross-channel media campaign and a brand-new YouTube channel, dedicated to sharing our knowledge and experience to people and organisations, globally.

Our impact

Our events have been featured in over 40 independent online and paper publications, including Boston Standard, Love Business East Midlands, Opportunity Peterborough as well as features for Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, and Essex Chambers of Commerce.

Get involved!

If you’re passionate about breaking down cultural barriers and you’d like to get involved or you’d like to find out how our campaign can help you, either as an individual, or organisation, please get in touch.

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