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Agnieszka Zebracka

Head of Quality

About Agnieszka

Responsible for the full cycle of language services production, Agnieszka ensures PAB Language’s quality control measures are adhered to at all times. Assisting clients with requests and advising them on the most efficient solutions for their requirements, Agnieszka develops trusted relationships with clients, colleagues and linguists by managing expectations and sharing her expertise on quality.

With over 35 years’ experience in the linguistic services industry – including overseeing internal service quality training and developing learning materials for translators and interpreters – Agnieszka holds M.A. in English from University of Kraków, Poland. Agnieszka is also a qualified English teacher, sworn translator of Polish – English language pair, passed Met Test in Polish, and DPSI Law option written modules in Russian. Agnieszka has worked for PAB Languages since 2010 as an interpreter, translator and internal training coordinator … with proof-reading another string to her bow.

Agnieszka Zebracka - PAB Languages

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