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Document Translation – How Does It Work?

13 October 2021 · Jessica Punter

Have you ever purchased a new product, opened the instruction manual and noticed how it’s written in several languages? That’s the magic of document translation!

To put it simply, document translation is the process of transferring a written text from one language to another. But it’s so much more than that! Language translation has had a remarkable impact on the world, as it’s enabled people from all corners of the planet to communicate and share information – how amazing is that?

At PAB we understand the importance of communication, which is why we offer our translation services in over 200 languages (and counting!) including Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese and English, to name a few. Recognized by both the public and private sector, we take pride in the quality of our translations and provide our services for a range of companies both nationwide and internationally.

Our dedicated team of native translators specialize in professional, certified translations for all types of documents, ranging from immigration paperwork to visa applications. And each project we deliver for you is handled with the care you’d expect from an award-winning team.

Firstly, we offer a complimentary, five-minute telephone consultation to get a clear understanding of your needs.
Then, our skilled translators analyse the documents each step of the way, translating every word with speed and accuracy, ensuring that you have a dynamic, content rich document.
And you can be assured of our attention to detail as every project we deliver on goes through our 5-step quality process.

So… why is language translation so important?
Let’s take the German word ‘Treppenwitz’ for example, which means “a clever remark that comes to mind when it’s too late to say it.”
There is no word or expression equivalent to this in English, however a translator would know precisely how to grasp that ‘Treppenwitz’ and convey it to you in your native language. Sure, they might have to use a couple more words, or perhaps reword the entire paragraph, but the meaning remains the same.

Professional translation comes with a person that is well versed in the language as well as the culture so when they come across words such as “Treppenwitz”, they know exactly how to translate it correctly! This is why using a skilled, certified translator is crucial – they are able to identify words and phrases a machine would overlook.

PAB languages was founded on the belief that great things happen with true and transparent collaboration between our staff, clients and community, regardless of their language, location, or culture. We’re proud to be ISO 9001 accredited and we pride ourselves on accuracy and speed of delivery. Our main goal is to ensure your materials are always translated with the highest level of precision, whilst respecting cultural standards and values.

Whether it’s a 5-word translation or an entire book, you can always rely on us to translate your documents with quality and care.