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Human resources translation services

Translation for Human Resources Teams.

Human resources translation services

Service highlights

HR translation matters

It is important that the documentation produced by the HR department in your business is able to be understood by all employees, regardless of the language they speak.

Ensuring that your Human Resources documentation is translated correctly is vital for employee communication. We support Employers and Human Resources Teams to improve employee engagement and increase productivity.

Documents we translate

  • Staff handbooks
  • Employment contracts
  • Job descriptions
  • Employee surveys
  • Auto-responder emails
    • Medical documentation
    • Pre-audit questionnaires
    • Employee complaints
    • Frontline worker engagement surveys
    • Supply chain compliance audit documentation

Supply chain transparency

Modern organisations are increasingly expected to carry out supply chain audits of their suppliers, factories and other operations globally.

Effective and inclusive communication during auditing ensures you get the most relevant and accurate data reducing the risk of possible miscommunication of information, misunderstanding of legislation including health and safety and employment rights.

The accuracy of the language and understanding of cultural differences within a multi-national workforce is vital to the effective communication of business-critical information.

We offer confidential multilingual services during supply chain compliance audits of suppliers, factories, and global operations by providing confidential multilingual assistance.

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Tell us about your translation needs and an expert will be in touch with a quote. headshot

We used PAB to help us with an important assignment. The assignment involved translating material into eight different languages, Lithuania, Hungarian, Portuguese, Slovakian, Latvian, Estonian, Spanish, and Italian. We had a tight deadline to meet, and PAB provided us with the information we required within the timescales we requested. The results of this was that we had a seamless campaign, and our people were happy because they understood what was going on. In the past we would have had anxiety and people could have left the business. We found the services from PAB to be professional, personal, and of excellent quality. I would have no hesitation in recommending them and will definitely use them again in the future.


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Why choose PAB Languages

Fast, Reliable and Efficient

We pride ourselves on accuracy and speed of delivery. We ensure our clients can arrange assignments and access our services 24/7 via our secure, encrypted portal.

Think Global and Act Local

Our team come from all over the world and, as native speakers, understand the challenges different languages and cultural nuances present for organisations and individuals.

Team of Skilled Experts

Our highly qualified translators, interpreters and language professionals offer support in over 200 languages and work with integrity and confidentiality, no matter the circumstances.

Long-term Collaborative Approach

We believe in providing exceptional results through collaborative working. This approach also means we have a unique understanding of industry and client-specific terminology for any project.

Commitment to Social Responsibility and Sustainability

PAB Languages was founded on the belief that great things happen with true and transparent collaboration between our staff, clients and community, regardless of their language, location or culture.

Quality Assurance Management Systems

We’re proud to be ISO 9001 Quality Management System accredited and thanks to our 5-step Quality Assurance Process, the quality of our service is guaranteed.