PAB Confidential Multilingual Worker Helpline - Listen to your employees, protect your brand.
Our independent and confidential multilingual hotline gives both your employees and temporary workers the confidence to speak up against wrongdoing.
Hidden and ignored wrongdoing, whether it’s theft, fraud, safety breaches, bullying or harassment may damage your business. Unheeded, it will damage the morale and productivity of your employees and temporary workers.
At a minimal cost per worker, PAB provides:
  • Multilingual hotline : A professionally managed, confidential and multilingual helpline. A range of multi-language support options available.
  • Promotional material : Promotional materials and launch support from a dedicated Coordinator.
  • Daily reports : Multi-lingual reporting for service users in the UK.
  • Data Protection and Confidentiality : Rigorous data management and security protocols. Robust data security standards.
  • Management reports : Timely, secure monthly report processing and provision of relevant information.
  • Varying costs : Cost varies depending on company size, location and language requirements. Ideal for multi-national organisations
Our Approach
Our multilingual helpline operators are trained to establish trust with callers to give them the confidence to speak freely. Their sensitive approach is designed to put your employees at ease and provide the details you need to conduct a thorough investigation. This allows us to build rapport and trust, resulting in a more comprehensive report and a greater chance of effective resolution. Secure, confidential, in-house. We do not outsource any of our services.
All of our hotline operators are based in-house, subject to our strict security procedures and trained internally. That means you and your service users can rely on a secure, confidential service.
We offer traditional reporting channels:
We believe we offer the wide range of reporting options, meaning those who speak up can choose a channel that’s most comfortable for them:
  • Telephone : Live telephone reporting. Our helpline operators are trained to encourage conversation - not interrogation.
  • Call back request : This option lets callers select their preferred language upfront and speak to a native speaker.
  • E-Mail : Users have the option to submit their report in their own time, in their chosen language.
  • Secure Web Portal : We have an additional option where users can submit their concerns online using our web portal, which can be customised to reflect your business. The portal is secure, multilingual and compatible with most devices and browsers.
Protect your people and your reputation with our Confidential Multilingual Worker Helpline services.
For more information about our services, please call Andreea on 07834 453 283 or Christian on 01206 573 777.