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Cosmetic and beauty translation services

Professional translation services for cosmetic and beauty companies

Cosmetic and beauty translation services

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Your trusted beauty translation partner

For over a decade, we’ve been the trusted partner for a range of beauty businesses, supporting them to take their cosmetics and skincare products into new markets.

About our services

Introducing a beauty product to new markets overseas offers a range of complex challenges, from meeting the high standards for ingredients and use-by dates to getting your product names right for the local culture. A single mistranslated word can alienate your potential customers or worse, leave you open to an array of legal issues.  Which is why you need to work with someone who’s done and seen it all before.

Translation for beauty packaging, ingredients and instructions

We go beyond simple translation and provide our clients with a complete solution for their translation needs, from creative marketing copy and branding, right through to labelling, certification and safety.

We’ve worked with partners to translate:

  • Product labelling and packaging
  • Beauty regulation documentation
  • Beauty data and safety sheets
  • Product catalogues
  • Contracts and legal documents
  • Marketing content and advertising campaigns
  • Digital assets and web content.

Our professional linguists are experts at ensuring product translations are tailored for their target markets quickly and accurately.

5-step quality assurance process

We only employ highly qualified native-speaking professionals, and all the work we do for you will be carefully managed by a dedicated project manager and checked by both a subject matter expert and proofreader thanks to our accredited 5-step quality assurance process. Giving you the utmost confidence.

Get expert support

For over a decade, we’ve been helping businesses communicate effectively with new audiences and save money. Get in touch to find out more.

For over a decade, we’ve been helping businesses communicate effectively with new audiences and save money. Get in touch to find out more. headshot

Excellent translation service – prompt, accurate and diligent.  PAB helped with the translation of sales documents and a website and checked the finished version extremely carefully.  Highly recommended.

Viridian Solar

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Why choose PAB Languages

Fast, Reliable and Efficient

We pride ourselves on accuracy and speed of delivery. We ensure our clients can arrange assignments and access our services 24/7 via our secure, encrypted portal.

Think Global and Act Local

Our team come from all over the world and, as native speakers, understand the challenges different languages and cultural nuances present for organisations and individuals.

Team of Skilled Experts

Our highly qualified translators, interpreters and language professionals offer support in over 200 languages and work with integrity and confidentiality, no matter the circumstances.

Long-term Collaborative Approach

We believe in providing exceptional results through collaborative working. This approach also means we have a unique understanding of industry and client-specific terminology for any project.

Commitment to Social Responsibility and Sustainability

PAB Languages was founded on the belief that great things happen with true and transparent collaboration between our staff, clients and community, regardless of their language, location or culture.

Quality Assurance Management Systems

We’re proud to be ISO 9001 Quality Management System accredited and thanks to our 5-step Quality Assurance Process, the quality of our service is guaranteed.