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We not only translate the pages, but we can also supply over 200 languages, including Asian characters and Middle Eastern scripts (Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and Indian languages) ALL in a web friendly format. This includes providing web pages in HTML, Unicode or e-book formats.
We have a dedicated team of mother-tongue translators who specialise in translation work for publishers. We provide a range of other services including typesetting, repro, print and distribution.
PAB understands the importance of quality and reliability and this comes at the forefront of our translation services. Our many years of experience have made it possible for us to work with some of the most talented professional translators as well as leading global brands around the world in more than 200 languages. We are a member of the European Language Association (ELIA) and are one of a handful of companies to hold the latest ISO 9001:2000 and we are The Institute for Independent Business (IIB) Cultural Transition Programme Partner, as well as Lincolnshire and Essex Chambers of Commerce business savings partner.
Everything is checked a minimum of three times. No other agency does this as standard practice. All translations are proofread by a second qualified translator and then proofed for a third time in-house before we send the final translation back to the client.
You would not let just anyone write for you – so why would you let just anyone do your
translation – let’s talk!
Please call us on 01205 310 004 (Boston) or 01206 573 777 (Colchester) or email our Project Managers @