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Egle Rosinaite

Recruitment specialist

About Egle

Within her role as a Recruitment Assistant, Egle is responsible for supporting the recruitment procedures, her role involves scheduling and conducting interviews, sourcing, and hunting new potential candidates to add to our team. Her goal is to take PAB Languages Centre Ltd as a business even further with the help of the carefully selected new candidates. She makes sure that every application is thoroughly checked, and no good CV is left behind, putting time an effort to find the best people to help us grow.

Egle holds a Higher Education Diploma in Information Technology, Certificate in Business and Administration and Certificate in Customer Service.

Egle also works as an Interpreter to help people to communicate and receive the message intended. She finds this role very important and enjoys being able to give people an opportunity to understand each other and to ensure that there is always someone to help you do this within our Team.

Egle Rosinaite - PAB Languages