Our Services

We teach Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Romanian and other languages to public and private sector employees. The context varies according to need. From health and safety to customer services our bilingual tutors will deliver a programme tailored to suit your business needs.
Individual Tuition in Foreign Languages:
German, French, Italian, English, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Romanian
The programmes are designed to meet the training requirements of each participant, taking into account such practical areas as:
  • Your current language level
  • Your experience of language learning
  • How you will be using the language - for meetings or presentations, for social events or just for getting about in the country
  • Whether you will be reading reports or taking minutes
  • Whether you need specific technical vocabulary in your work. One-to-one courses designed to ensure that your learning is as effective as possible. They are taken as a series of separate training sessions over a period of two to four months. The timetable is agreed in advance but can be adapted to fit in with your work schedule.
  • Maximizes the return on time and money invested in language learning
  • Shows tangible progress in communicative competence in a short period of time. Enables busy people to make time for quality training when planning their schedule
  • Timetable fitted to the Students needs
  • All level courses
  • Examinations at the end of the course and certificates confirming completion of the courses
  • Free placement tests and free consultancy for our Students
Language and Culture Awareness Courses: Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish and Romanian
  • For companies, groups and individuals standard five-session modules as well as flexible courses designed unique to your needs.
  • Intended for people who would like to learn basic language within a very short time
  • It is predicted for those who have no previous knowledge of the language
  • It introduces basic vocabulary necessary in everyday situations
  • Also presents a summarised introduction to culture, habits, traditions and each country as they are today.
We will answer many questions as when teaching the languages we will not forget to teach aboutculture.
After our short course you will have a basic knowledge about tradition, habits and migrants priorities, their countries of origin as well as you should be able to know how to:
  • Say thank you, sorry, hello, good bye
  • Introduce oneself and other people
  • Ask for information and give information - personal details: telephone number, address, email address
  • Confirm, invite, offer, accept and refuse
  • Express likes and dislikes
  • Get to there and basic information about culture, behaviour, traditions and famous Polish people
  • Rules of pronunciation


  • We will consult with you at no cost
  • We can teach at PAB Translation Centre or at a dedicated venue in your locality
  • Our tutors are qualified bilingual speakers
  • The focus will be upon the culture and basic language skills
  • We can teach you individually, as a family or in groups-you choose
  • Your tutor can come to you or you can go to your tutor-the arrangement is flexible
  • With groups of between 5 and 12 tuition will take place in a dedicated classroom
  • Each lesson can be an hour to three hours duration. It's your choice. You may book as many lessons as you need depending upon your requirements
  • We will test and teach you according to your ability-Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced
Whatever your need please call us on 01205 310 004 for more information.