Online Tuition

PAB Languages Centre offers a variety of online classes designed to help you improve your language skills in an enjoyable and engaging way.     
PAB Languages Centre provides language courses for groups and individuals. We are an award winning, accredited and registered UK language training provider.
Learn a New Language. Explore a New Culture.
  • General Online Language and Culture Awareness Courses:
- Eastern Europe,
- Russia,
- Arabic Countries,
- India.
  • Culture Awareness Courses for HR Professionals
  • Culture Awareness Courses for Social Workers
  • Culture Awareness Courses for Probation Services
  • Culture Awareness Courses for NHS
  • Tips and Advice for Exporters  - Training
  • Business Conversational Language Courses
  • Effective Communication with non-English Speakers Training
  • Individual Tuition in Foreign Languages
  • Group Tuition in Foreign Languages
  • Rules of Communication with non-English Business Partners Training
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Run as three hour intensive sessions, Language Plus classes are an opportunity to immerse yourself in your chosen language. Classes are run by professional teachers.
Classes range from beginner level (no knowledge of the language whatsoever) to intermediate and include Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Japanese as well as a range of popular European languages.
Please contact us today for more information: 01205 310 004 or request a free quote online.
Language Taster classes are free to attend, offering a simple introduction to a range of different languages. Learn simple phrases and develop a basic grasp of your chosen language and you’ll be greeting each other in it by the end of the session!
Please note that taster classes cannot be booked in advance and are available on a first come first served basis.
Please contact us today for more information: 01205 310 004 or request a free quote online.
Many clients enrol to enhance communication in their business and professional lives. Others join classes because they have a passion for travel and exploring new cultures.
English, Arabic, Russian, Polish and more
Improve your travel experience. Enjoy the hospitality and culture while speaking the language.
Discover new opportunities!
In few weeks you can learn basic words and expressions.            
Learn Portuguese with PAB
Planning a trip to Brazil in 2014 or to Rio in 2016 for the world's most popular sporting events? Learn conversational Portuguese with PAB Languages Centre before you go.
Learn Italian with PAB
Visiting Rome or Tuscany or heading to Venice for Carnevale? Sign up for an Italian class with PAB.
Please contact us today for more information: 01205 310 004 or request a free quote online.
We teach English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, Portuguese, Romanian and other languages to public and private sector employees. The context varies according to needs. From health and safety to customer services, our bilingual tutors will deliver a programme tailored to suit your business needs.
We deliver private and small group tuition at PAB Languages Centre premises or at a local venue. We tailor induction programmes and training to fit the needs of UK businesses that employ foreign nationals or are building business relations with foreign customers.
The influx of foreign nationals has created a number of challenges as well as opportunities for both communities. Some have arrived as economic migrants and may not plan to stay. Others, often arriving with their families, plan to remain.
The obvious challenges stem from cultural differences as well as the language barrier.