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Why you need a Multilingual Website!

3 January 2022 · William Milsom

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A multilingual website is an essential part of an international growth strategy, and with the countless benefits that come with localizing your site, it’s a no-brainer! If you do business internationally, or would like to break into new markets, having a multilingual website is essential.

So, what should you consider when writing content for a multilingual website?

In sales and marketing, language is one of our most powerful instruments, so when your content is used across a variety of regions you need to consider a range of things to attract and engage clients who speak different languages:

Localised content brings more exposure

Your multilingual website could have all the elements to be successful overseas, however if you are only communicating in English, people who speak other languages simply will not be able to find you. Whilst English is a global, widely spoken language, it’s important to consider there are over a billion people who do not speak English worldwide – that’s a whole lot of people missing out on your messaging!

In most languages, words can have several different meanings. Without expert knowledge of both languages, it can be difficult to know the correct translation for the context. The reality is that automatic text translation – or machine translation – can fall short. Ideally, you need a fluent English speaker to create a post in English, and a French fluent speaker to create a post in French. If you create and publish content in the language your audience is comfortable with, you are likely to get much higher engagement rates.

We all know that SEO improves and increases the visibility of a brand on the internet- a multilingual website will improve your business SEO in other languages and countries and increase rankings on Google search and other search platforms popular in other countries, boosting exposure. 

Understanding local and cultural context improves performance

When preparing website content for a foreign market, it is very important to be sensitive to different cultural norms and values. For example, in China, there is a list of keywords that will result in your content being banned by the government – not ideal! Without truly understanding the culture of the people who speak the language, it becomes easy to unintentionally offend people when interacting with them.

If you want to effectively communicate your content to your foreign audience, you need to consider whether or not your website contains culture-specific references and how you can adjust the content to make it relevant to them.

A consistent tone of voice ensures your website is client-focused 

If you want to emotionally engage your global audience, it is not only about using the right words but also about adopting the right tone of voice. As a result, you maintain the power of your marketing messages, reinforce the brand with a consistent tone of voice, and build an authentic, long-lasting connection with customers. 

Each potential client is just one click away from that perfect service or product you provide, make each opportunity possible by breaking down the language barrier.
At PAB, our expert team work with clients on a daily basis to deliver websites in multiple languages. We can help you with Spanish, Polish, Arabic and any other language you need for your potential audience. We’ll support you at each stage of your project, from content translation and imagery sourcing to support with SEO and multimedia.

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