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What does a quality translation look like?

19 November 2021 · Jessica Punter

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You’ve heard us talk about our translations, you’ve read the testimonials, but what does a quality translation actually look like? First and foremost, when it comes to what makes a quality translation, the most important element is accuracy. But does accuracy determine whether or not a translation is of a high standard? Not necessarily. There are many other factors to take into consideration.

It’s just a minor error – what’s the big deal?

With multiple advanced language tools readily accessible, such as machine translation or google translate, it can be tempting to use one of these services for your project or translation needs, especially when you have a budget or limited timeframe. Be cautious when considering these, particularly when translating sensitive information such as health or legal documents, where precision is crucial. Any minor misunderstanding is not only overlooking critical aspects of your message, but it can be extremely dangerous, and in some cases, life threatening. To ensure the highest level of accuracy at PAB, we always have at least two highly-skilled linguists working on each project.

Machine translation or human translation?

Using a human translator to translate written text whether it be a legal document, website content or even an advertisement will always be the best way to ensure your document is translated to the highest quality. Rather than simply transferring text from one language to the other without considering the grammar, idioms and context of the original language, a human translator will be a native speaker in the target language (or may have studied their language extensively).
This means they’ll successfully be able to understand the context and tone of the original document, whilst remaining culturally and socially aware.

Using specialized translators!

The best translators are those who know the industry and the vocabulary of the subject matter, meaning they’ll be able to use the terminology correctly. Make sure to always use a specialized translator for your sector. As we mentioned earlier, overlooking certain words or aspects of a document can be life threatening in some cases, it could even land your company with a hefty legal bill – this is why specialisation is so important!

How do we achieve it?

At PAB, providing the highest quality service is at the heart of everything we do – this is evidenced by our attainment of ISO9001 Quality Management Systems, including Quality in Translation.
You can always rely on us to receive high quality translations thanks to our 5-step quality assurance process (read more about it here). From legal translations to website localization – we’ve got your back. Get in touch with us today on 01206 573777, alternatively use our online form.