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What Companies Need Translation? 

14 April 2022 · William Milsom

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Welcome to the digital age, where we can communicate with the four corners of the Earth within seconds.

With the rise of technology, the world is more interconnected than ever before. 

Pick up a phone and your words can travel in seconds, send a post into the ether and watch it explode with worldwide likes or build a website that attracts international traffic. 

Technological advancements have seemingly brought the world closer together, but while the world is going global, is your business? 

Today we look at which companies need translation? Exploring how Translation Service providers such as PAB Languages play an integral role in improving the international communication of organisations across a range of industries:

The Legal Sector 

Whether you are writing employee documentation, protecting your intellectual property or creating client or partnership contracts, efficient communication is a non-negotiable within legal documentation. 

As a business owner you need to ensure you are protected against legal prosecution not only in your own country but also in any country in which you operate or generate an audience. 

Any business with a website that receives visitors from EU countries but fails to offer a translation of their privacy policy, could be liable to legal prosecution by failing to provide ‘transparent’ or ‘intelligible’ information to users (GDPR (EU) Regulation 2016/697).

Retail and Ecommerce

The Harvard Business Review surveyed 2,430 web consumers across 8 countries. They found that 72% spent all their time on websites featuring their native languages and 72% also said they would be more likely to purchase products when it is featured in their native language. 

This representative sample alone demonstrates the importance of translation within the retail and Ecommerce industry. Your Ecommerce website has the potential to engage the world, why limit its potential?  Increase its outreach and use a high-quality translation agency to access international audiences.

Marketing and Advertising 

Connect your organisation to the world with Multilingual Marketing Translation. 

Transcend both language and cultural barriers to create material that resonates with multicultural audiences without losing your organisations voice.

If approximately 1.35 billion people can speak English, then it is estimated that 80% of the world’s population cannot, representing a vast global audience international marketing and advertising campaigns need to capture. 

Don’t fall into the same marketing translation mistakes as KFC’s ‘eat your fingers off’ campaign, Coors ‘diarrhoea’ translation or Mercedes Benz ‘rush to die’ interpretation. Translate and localise your marketing campaigns to support a positive cultural reception worldwide. 

Medical, Health Care and Pharmaceutical

While miscommunication in the retail, marketing, and advertising sectors results in a loss of profit or reputability, the consequences of poor communication in the medical industry can be life-threatening.

We all fear what we don’t understand. Clear communication in the medical industry can ease a patient’s concerns, offering a greater reassurance and understanding to their medical condition. From Certified Medical Translation of patient records, policies, and prescriptions to Interpretation of patient instruction and diagnosis, multilingual services offer greater clarity for patients and practitioners of different cultural backgrounds and languages. 

Tourism, Travel and Hospitality

With Coronavirus travel restrictions lifting worldwide many holiday makers are seeking a long overdue relaxation and adventure abroad. All companies linked to the travel sector are eager to bounce back from the tourist starved years of Coronavirus and they can keep one step ahead of the competition by using translation services to attract various international audiences.

Travel and Tourism Translation ensures that travel websites are effectively localised, translated and optimised with a successful international SEO strategy.  However, tourism translation benefits surpass improving a company’s digital marketing. It also enables brochures, leaflets, contracts, and travel guides to engage and provide for new audiences.

International Trade

Since the first human civilisation merchants have travelled the world to exchange goods and find exciting new products to sell for profit on their travels. Today, international trade is more prevalent than ever before, but one barrier to international trade has remained in communicating to those with cultural and language differences.  

Translation and localisation services support organisations to communicate effectively within different cultures and languages, by using native speaking translators to convey your branding and voice to achieve a positive cultural and linguistic reception in global markets. 


The process of manufacturing a product requires translation at each stage of production. 

Before the product can be made manufactures must consider whether their large workforce is multilingual? If so employee handbooks, contracts, safety manuals and equipment manuals must be translated to ensure all workers are protected and informed. 

If the manufacturers product is intended for international audiences, it is crucial that the product has translated labels and packaging, inspection certificates, and import/export documentation 

PAB Languages: Creating real relationships, worldwide

At PAB Languages we offer a range of services to accelerate business growth internationally across various sectors, including those discussed today. 

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