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Welcome to the newest members of the PAB Team!

10 March 2022 · William Milsom

PAB Languages is excited to welcome the newest members of our team, Aymen Blouza and Atidzhe Kranteva. We are thrilled to have both Atidzhe and Aymen onboard, and we are keen to see their expertise in action. 

Aymen and Atidzhe have joined PAB Group as Multilingual Office Assistants, with Aymen focussing on PAB Languages and Atidzhe working for the Multicultural Families Integration Project.

Aymen has enjoyed a successful career in teaching and now adapts his skillset to bring an extra level of experience to the PAB team. He has effectively adapted his teaching experiences to excel in his daily activities at PAB Languages, as well as applying his qualifications in interpretation to benefit our internal process and uphold the privacy and confidentiality of our clients. 

Aymen said: 

“Being part of PAB Languages’ multilingual team was like hitting the jackpot since day one. Not to mention how friendly and supportive everyone is. I also appreciate diversity, and in PAB Languages we are all different and diverse; linguistically and culturally, but our diversity is our strength. Our diversity makes us more beautiful, in the same way the multi-colours of a parrot make the bird different but whole and unique. Working in PAB Languages offered me the opportunity to deal with new requests from different clients and organisations every day. 

In PAB Languages, every day is a new challenge and here I am saying: ‘’Challenge accepted’’. 

Atidzhe, is originally from Bulgaria but moved to Boston, Lincolnshire back in 2015. She has a passion for learning languages and is fluent in English and Romanian. It was this love of languages that made her excited about joining our multilingual team at PAB Group. 

Atidzhe will play an important role in the Multicultural Families Integration Project, working with families and their children to offer multilingual support as they adjust to their new life in Britain. 

Atidzhe said: 

“I am proud to be part of the Multicultural Families Integration Project, and I am happy to help families and their little children as I know that adjusting to new cultures can be difficult, especially when parents have very little knowledge of English. We help and support families in need, allowing them to integrate easier into their new life here in England. I believe that through working with families and their children we make an important step towards a better future.”

Looking to join our team?

PAB Languages is constantly on the lookout for new talent and expertise to add to the success of our team. 

If you are interested in working for PAB Languages, or know somebody that might be, please consider our current vacancies: 

  • Freelance Translator – Remote
  • On-Call Interpreter – Cambridgeshire or Lincolnshire area
  • Multilingual Office Assistant – Remote

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Join our diverse and friendly team to immerse yourself in a successful business environment that prides itself on employee satisfaction. Together, we deliver expert language and cultural support in over 200 languages for organisations and businesses across the world.

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