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Strategic partnership agreement for PAB!

5 October 2017 · Martyna Gorska

Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) has signed a strategic partnership agreement with PAB Languages Centre (PAB) to establish a long-term relationship.
PAB Languages Centre will integrate their wide range of language services, including cultural awareness workshops for recruiters and employers to the REC membership benefits offering.
All the Recruitment & Employment Confederation members will now have access to exclusive rates on translation and localisation services with PAB Languages Center.
PAB has been working with UK businesses in the recruitment and employment industry since 2009, offering translation and interpretation services.
Kevin Green, Chief Executive of the REC explained that “We’re delighted that PAB Languages Centre has become a new business partner. Employers rely on our members to connect them to talented people from all over the world, and often need support to make sure the process is well communicated. In turn, this lets the recruiter focus on what they do best – matching quality candidates to the right job.”
Iwona Lebiedowicz of PAB Languages Centre said “it’s an exciting development for the firm. The REC is passionate about helping employers recruit the right people. This is an exciting milestone for us, as we believe that PAB, along with REC, will offer a unique, more advanced and comprehensive range of solutions to meet evolving requirements from the recruitment industry.”
“We believe, that cross-cultural awareness helps to increase employee engagement in a multicultural environment. It also makes a huge difference for companies that are trading globally. This is an exciting milestone for us; the partnership will offer a unique, more advanced and comprehensive range of solutions to meet evolving requirements of the recruitment industry.”
PAB specialist team brings a comprehensive range of language services, including translation into over 200 languages, localisation and cultural awareness for recruitment and employment industry. Whether translation of contracts of employment, risk assessments, legal documents, medical records, quality assurance policies & practices, letters, technical documents, marketing materials, health & safety information or other workplace documentation is required, PAB Languages Centre can complete it quickly and accurately.
Iwona Lebiedowicz of PAB Languages Centre says:
‘This couldn’t have come at a better time for us. Our team of translators are highly experienced in a wide range of recruitment and employment fields. We understand the opportunities and challenges of recruiting a diverse team. We specialise in the translation of business documentation, to include recruitment marketing, human resources and health and safety, ensuring that our clients are communicating effectively in the international market. We can work with all sectors including construction, hospitality, healthcare, banking and technology.”
For additional information on the service, visit  or call us to find out about the unique REC member savings. Telephone PAB Languages Centre: +44 (0)1205 310 004  or Telephone Sarra Ellis:  +44 (0)1206 573 777.