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Our Top Tips for Authors

21 April 2022 · Iwona Lebiedowicz

Book Translation top tips

Translate your book with PAB to reach millions more readers.

Getting your book translated is the first step to gaining a global readership. Book Translation engages new audiences and opens up the opportunity to be sold across international platforms.

We understand that despite its benefits entrusting a translation provider with your writing is a daunting step for most authors. So we’ve put together a top tips article for authors to build up their trust and understanding before getting their pages turning across the world:

“Translating my book sounds great, but will it work for MY audience?”

As long as you sell to humans — YES, translating a book is right for you. Translate your book to reach millions more readers to help you become the go-to leader in your field and to reach buyers worldwide. 

“I want to reach out to Spanish and Japanese-speaking audiences – can you help?”

At PAB Languages we offer Book Translation in 200+ languages, providing the opportunity for your writing to reach all four corners of the globe!

“What parts of my book will be translated?”

We will translate not only the main content of your book, but also the subtitles, listing descriptions and keywords, all in a web/e-book friendly format.

“I want to sell online – how is my listing managed in different languages?”

The higher the clarity of the original listing copy, the more effective our translation versions are. We recommended creating your listings in your native language. Ensure the language you choose is consistent across all your listings. This results in better translation quality.  

“Why do you advise against machine translation?”

Machine Translation is becoming a more efficient tool for language translation; however, the robots may not have beaten us on the quality and accuracy just yet.  High-quality human translations are a trust signal to buyers and can lead to more purchases. You should be able to accurately represent an item, complete a transaction, and provide customer service to the buyer in that language before deciding to add a manual translation.

“How is my writing proofread in other languages?”

We use an industry leading checking system across all publication and book translation at PAB. This process involves all translation being proofread by a second qualified translator and then proofed for a third time in-house before we send the final translation back to the client.

Why PAB Languages?

At PAB, we specialise in translation work for authors and publishers. Our experienced linguists will support you with integrity adapting the tone, message, and structure without losing the essence of the original piece. We understand that an author’s words are carefully chosen with their unique voice and tone in mind. This is why PAB’s team of native speaking experts translate your material with a heightened awareness for reflecting writing style while achieving an accurate cultural and multilingual interpretation.

Reach out to us today and discover the ways our expert team of translators can make your book read like it was written by a native. 

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