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How to order your certified translation for UK immigration and visa application process.

4 June 2021 · Martyna Gorska

How to order your certified translation for UK immigration and visa application process.

Are you looking for a certified translation agency to translate your immigration documents in the UK? We can provide you with accurate and reasonably priced certified translation services. There are 4 simple steps to order your certified translation:

STEP 1 – Send us a scanned copy

Scan your documents and upload using a link for a quote, or email us a scanned copy of the documents to be translated to

If your translation is urgent or needs immediate contact, please state on the form that you require an urgent translation and please telephone us on 0779 977 2360.

STEP 2- Accept the quote

You will receive a quote within an hour; please state whether you are happy to accept it or not. 

If you are a UK based organisation, we will ask for a PO number and you will be able to pay the translation fee on an invoice. A payment can be made via credit card, PayPal, or through a BACS Transfer. Once the PO number or the payment is received, we will begin the certified translation process.

STEP 3 – Approve the draft

Once the translation is done, a draft will be sent to you, which you will need to approve. As names and places could have different spellings, we have added this step just to be sure that your names are translated correctly.

STEP 4 – Receive your certified documents

After your approval, the certified translation will be finalised. We will then issue the certificate of accuracy and send it to you via email and, if requested, via recorded next day delivery or through an express courier.

Why PAB Languages?

PAB delivers certified translation services in 200 languages. We have a dedicated team of mother-tongue translators who specialise in providing language translations to the legal sector. If necessary, our legal translations can be sworn.

We are a Cooperate Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) and a member of the European Language Association (ELIA), and are one of a handful of companies to hold the latest ISO 9001:2000.

If you have any queries or wish to request a review, please contact a member of our Project Management team on 07799772360, or email us at