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How multilingual virtual PA services can help establish your business globally

3 December 2021 · Jessica Punter

Working internationally is a challenge for any business, especially when it comes to language barriers. Not only do they cause problems during face-to-face meetings and conference calls, language barriers can interfere with email communication, create misunderstandings and confusion, sometimes even leading to huge mistakes. Businesses whether small and large must consider their ability to communicate internationally as they grow into global markets.

By hiring multilingual virtual personal assistants, you can enhance both your customer and employee experience by communicating with them in their preferred or native language, thus effectively managing relationships – regardless of where they may be in the world.
Virtual PA’s can also drastically reduce your workload, handling all your business operations quickly and effectively, saving money and most importantly giving you time to work on important core business operations.

With the uncertainty of the pandemic, businesses are still learning how to adapt to Covid-19.
Many are relying upon their online presence in order to cater to client needs and stay connected to their customers. Virtual PA’s are a great way for your organisation to interact with both customers and clients whilst allowing your employees to get back to their specialized jobs!

Our virtual PA’s can assist with a wide range of services, such as scheduling appointments and meetings, co-ordinating documents, attending meetings (whether they are face to face or virtual), arranging and attending interviews and providing live chat & email support for your customers. If you want to expand your business worldwide, a multilingual virtual assistant will be an invaluable asset who can connect with your clients in their native language, providing valuable support.

At PAB, our experienced multilingual PAs are native speakers and understand the challenges of providing customer services in another language, so can tailor their approach to your unique business needs and client requirements. To see how we can assist you, give us a call today on 01206 573777 or use our online form for a free quote!