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5 tips to avoid mistakes when hiring a translation company

22 November 2021 · Jessica Punter

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Translation is not only an interpretative act, but also a creative one! A great translation flows well, with the same meaning and intent as the original. Here are our top 5 tips to take into consideration before hiring a translation company, to ensure a smooth translation process.

  1. Don’t take the cheapest quote
    When it comes to translation, there is no room for error, and it’s much easier to avoid a translation error than to fix one. A quality, accurate translation requires skill and experience – think of it as an investment for your business. Investing in a reputable linguistic service will always pay off – many big brands have been ridiculed for subtle translation errors, don’t be one of them!
  2. Use an accredited translation service
    Just because somebody speaks another language, it does not necessarily mean they can translate to a professional standard. Using a certified company ensures that only appropriate people have access to your documents and information, and non-disclosure agreements are in place for sensitive projects.
  3. Do your research
    As you would when buying a product, reading through testimonials and reviews can give you extra assurance when choosing a translation service. This is the best way to gain trust in the company and know your documents are in safe hands.
  4. Avoid using machine translation for official documents
    Whilst machine translations serve a valid purpose and can be extremely useful for translating in bulk, translation is more than words. A human translator is able to grasp the meaning of the source text, it’s tone and context, and then translate the text as a whole, not just word by word.
  5. Prepare your documents
    Lastly, make sure you provide a clear, readable document that has been thoroughly read through and proofread beforehand. This saves time and confusion during the translation process. Specify your target audience and the context of the document -the more information you provide, the more our translator has to work with!

One way to avoid translation mistakes is by working with a reputable, trustworthy translation agency such as PAB Languages! Every project we undertake for you is carefully managed by our team of qualified, specialized translators. We have been around since 2009 and are proud to be an award-winning company, recognized by private and public sector organizations for the quality of our services. Find out more about our accreditations and memberships here.
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