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2021 Enterprising Women Awards

21 May 2021 · Martyna Gorska

Our Managing Director, Iwona Lebiedowicz, has been shortlisted for the prestigious ‘Female Entrepreneur of the Year’ award at the 2021 Enterprising Women Awards.

Iwona Lebiedowicz is the founding Director of PAB Group. Our team at PAB delivers multilingual content services, including certified translation, transcreation and localisation, in over 200 languages, serving global clients in their chosen markets. As a trilingual cross-cultural consultant, Iwona helps brands and companies attract, engage with, and grow audiences internationally. PAB SEMA4 is a specialist arm of PAB, supporting exporters and helping UK businesses identify opportunities, understand risks, connect, and establish long-lasting business relationships in Europe.

The criteria to meet for the award are very thorough and required her to demonstrate through her work at PAB Group, that she delivers an exceptional professionalism and leadership qualities with the vision and drive to deliver results. Under Iwona’s leadership, PAB employees, clients, and suppliers have been demonstrating high levels of engagement and satisfaction. Key facts include 100% of customers said that their requests were handled well and with care by the customer service team and 100% of PAB customers state that they would recommend PAB Languages services and would work with PAB again. There are now people in more than 50 countries from different faiths, backgrounds and ethnicities actively collaborating with PAB, including many engaged with PAB Languages since the company has been established.  

Iwona has a strong sense of community spirit and is a Director/Trustee of a charitable organisation working with and for homeless and vulnerable people. During the Covid pandemic, she offered the services of the PAB, free of charge, in order to ensure that key health messages were translated from English into foreign languages to protect non-English speaking individuals and those for whom English is a second language. She is also actively supporting the Enterprise Adviser Network sharing her personal and professional experience throughout her journey in learning foreign languages and helping young people shape their future.

Iwona has led the PAB Group through a year of exponential challenges as well as rapid changes, innovation, and growth. Her commitment to building a values-based company, inspiring innovation, and excellent people management, is truly unique.

“That is excellent news and here at PAB, we are so proud of Iwona and so happy that her passion, talent, and hard work had been recognised. We are all keeping our fingers tightly crossed here!” said Lelde Plesa at PAB Languages.

Tim Sutton at PAB Languages said: “100% deserved. Massive congratulations Iwona, we wish you all the best!”.

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PAB delivers multilingual content services including translation, transcreation and localisation (200 languages), with a network of in-country linguistic specialists, ensuring your digital content in a foreign language accurately reflects your marketing messages.






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