Website Translation Services

When creating a website it is important to consider all audiences, this can include the need to translate the content into multiple languages. It is vital though, that multiligual websites take into account more than just a switch in language. Instead the content on your website should be tailored to the specific audience, both linguistically and culturally.
The culture-focused website is your passport to international business. Through utilising this service, our native-speaking e-commerce specialist can advise and select the appropriate style to translate your message accurately, ensuring global sensitivity.


Why do you need a multilingual website?

According to Forrester Research, 2018 “Website visitors stay for twice as long if a website is in their language” and “Web users are four times more likely to purchase from a website that communicates in their language”
According to research by Eurobarometer 2019, “90% of Europeans visit websites in their local language”
Having a professional multilingual website will mean that customers will stay on your website longer and have more confidence to buy from you online.


Why should you localise your website?

If you are already selling your goods and services around the world, or are planning to export, localising your website should be part of your digital strategy to win new clients from across the globe.
To win new clients we need to adapt our message so that it resonates with the target audience. We will achieve this by researching preferences and expectations so that we know exactly what our potential clients require and exactly how to provide that high-quality service for them.
We will optimise your content for globally recognised channels of your chosen areas as well as local platforms of your target audience.
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Do not use machine translations

Website translation and marketing translation requires the skills of a professional. Online tools are usually unreliable, don’t recognise cultural references and often result in websites full of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes and, even worse, miscommunication. 
If you are already selling abroad, or are planning to export, it is essential that you localise your website using professional and human translation services, so that your message truly appeals to potential customers globally – otherwise, they will go elsewhere!


Website localisation process

The website translation project is a process of modifying an existing website or its dedicated paged to make it accessible, usable and culturally suitable to target audiences.
At PAB our team understands the nuances of language and cultural sensitivity and we will ensure your website message will sound natural to native speakers.
Website localisation process


What Do Our Clients Say?



1st Contact helps international citizens pursue their lives, careers and travel aspirations in the UK. 1st Contact offers professional services and expert advice across ACCOUNTING, FOREX, TAX REFUNDS and VISAS.

 “You provided professional website translation into Polish. PAB were efficient and professional, raising awareness of issues we had not considered. We are pleased with the high standards and would recommend them to any company looking for an accurate translation of their web content and marketing messages to their clients. I will use your services in the future and will refer your services to others”.

Gemma Cloete, 1st Contact




Viva Bonta Transport specialises in safe, cost-effective and reliable bus transport and charter services with a proud history dating back to 2009. Viva provides transport for various occasions to companies, organisations, public sector and individual clients alike.

"We have been working with PAB SEMA4 team on various projects in Central and Eastern Europe for nearly 10 years and it is a partnership that works! "

Joanna Taylor, Viva Bonta Ltd




DBS Internet Marketing provides online digital marketing services & web design to businesses of all sizes. DBS offer includes Legal websites, Mobile websites, Domain names, Podcasts, Web hosting and E-commerce.

“We have worked with PAB for over 4 years on projects such as website translation, online marketing and social media localisation. We highly recommend to anyone requiring accurate translation.”

David Clarke, DBS Internet Marketing



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