Hospital Interpreter Services

We have developed a strong interpreter network across the East Midlands in over 200 languages. Our hospital interpreters are qualified, friendly, reliable and have delivered 1000’s of hours of highly complimented interpretation to private and public healthcare. In surgeries, clinics, hospitals, social care, including the mental health sector.
We aim to support all patients whose first language is not English with a wide range of interpreting and translation services.
Our confidential medical & hospital interpreting services offer our interpreters for inpatient wards, outpatient clinics, GP surgeries, residential & community healthcare, and for the mental health units.
Our medical interpreters are not only professionally-qualified CRB/DBS-cleared and fluent in target and source languages; they are also well trained in medical terminology and procedures. They have experienced interpreting in an appropriate and sensitive manner to both patients and medical staff. Our hospital interpreters are available in most languages and are registered with the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI). Our interpreters have all undergone appropriate checks and clearance in line with the Safeguarding Authority guidelines to work in this sector.
Healthcare environments may be very uncomfortable places, especially when you can’t communicate well. Interpreters are trained to interpret for everyone in that appointment including the patient, carers, and healthcare team. By ensuring easy communication between patient and healthcare professional, our helpful and highly-professional medical and hospital interpreters will help you to achieve more effective consultations. This helps patients to understand how to follow medical advice, and they are more likely to attend follow-up appointments.
For the healthcare professional, effective communication can lead to better consultations and most importantly achieve better medical outcomes for the patient. It also helps release time for the healthcare team as it is easier and quicker to communicate with the patients.
If you would like to find out more about how we can support you please contact us by calling Boston Office: 01205 310 004 or Colchester Office: 01206 573 777. Alternatively email us directly on