Diana Postolachi

Multilingual Coordinator

As a Multilingual Coordinator, Diana is responsible for delivering a wide variety of projects and ensuring all are running with a smooth efficient service – all designed to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, linguists and employees. This role includes arranging virtual events on behalf of the customer, preparing and delivering presentations as well as managing social media accounts in a number of foreign languages.

Perfectly equipping her for this role, Diana holds a BA degree in Foreign Linguistics. As well as being a Multilingual Coordinator, Diana is also a translator for Russian, Romanian and English.

A confident networker and skilled in building professional relationships at a local level with public and private sector business support providers, Diana is passionate about supporting PAB Language’s continuing success and achieving the all-important SMART goals: Strategic, Motivational, Attainable, Rewarding and Time-bound.

Favourite quotes:

“Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits”

“The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles”

Diana Postolachi