PAB Languages is delighted to offer a variety of Bespoke Cultural Awareness Workshops and Online Training with an aim to:

  • enhance your cultural sensitivity and reduce cross-cultural misunderstandings
  • help you build thriving relations with people from different countries and cultures


Online Cultural Awareness Workshops for international trade clients

Offering great value, practice-based advice and guidance on the skills needed for selling to people from different cultures and countries, our workshops are appropriate for those with operational level responsibility for selling outside the UK and senior staff who want to gain a better understanding of the subject.
We believe that cross-cultural awareness helps to increase employee engagement in a multicultural environment.
Understanding the influence of cross-cultural differences in areas such as management, human resources, advertising or negotiations shows that you are an organisation that embraces diversity.
We organise seminars and run workshops to help key personnel in sales, marketing and human resources learn about how to deal with cultural difference. Two popular seminars are shown below.

How You Will Benefit

o              Intercultural training will help you understand how and when culture may impact                   communication with your clients.
o              Cultural awareness will help you to challenge any pre-conceptions
o              Communicate efficiently and tactfully with clients, partners and colleagues.
o              Strengthen your communication effectiveness with active listening.

 What our clients say.

“Enterprise Europe Network enlisted the services of PAB Languages Centre to contribute to the launch event of our trade mission. Iwona delivered an excellent interactive session about the practicalities of doing business abroad and the cultural nuances, which companies need to be aware of when attempting to enter the market. Iwona was an engaging speaker and our delegates went home extremely pleased with what they had learned.“
Jan Immel, Enterprise Europe Network


Online Workshops for UK Professionals

Our workshops will help you develop a truly engaging and responsive communication style with your workforce, leading to positive results for you and your organisation.
We also provide training specifically for Legal Services, Social Workers, NHS Staff and Probation Services.

What you can expect

All our training courses and seminars can be delivered in-house as well as online for large organisations, groups and individuals contact us, and we can let you know future dates of events.  Each session is tailored specifically for the audience; below we have listed some basic information that is important for everyone:
Brief facts about countries in question
Tradition and languages spoken
Attitudes to hierarchy and authority
Diplomacy, tact and credibility
Communication style differences and similarities
Acceptable norms for behaviour
Listening and eye contact
Barriers, obstacles and stereotypes
Dos and don’ts when dealing with other cultures
Tips on how to communicate effectively

 What our clients say.

“Presentations like yours are key to the success of our events and our continued ability to attract the major regional and local businesses. By raising their awareness of cultural differences and how this impacts not just on design but the way we approach business is relevant to exporters but also to anyone looking to grow their business through developing new products or new markets.“
George E Bell, Boston College
If you would like to find out more about how we can support, you please contact us on 01205 310 004 or  01206 573 777. Alternatively email us on