Covid-19 free translation service


PAB Languages Supports Clients with Free Translation of Coronavirus-related Material


At a time of global concern over the spread of Coronavirus, we believe it’s our duty to extend our full support to the local community ─ partners, customers, employees, and translators.

Therefore, as from 23 March, PAB will support its clients’ efforts to protect their employees ─ via increasing their awareness of Coronavirus ─ by providing these companies with a FREE translation of their INTERNAL content material that is related to Coronavirus information.

While we are working from home for the next few weeks, we brought all our departments together, to focus on helping Employers to communicate messages with their foreign staff accurately and fast.

To submit your translations, please contact using Reference: COVID-19 aid and email us on or call 07799772360

Terms of the Offer

1- The offer is available for both new and existing clients.

2- The offer covers the first four languages.

3- The offer applies to the translation of precautionary information related to Coronavirus COVID-19 exclusively ─ including text, audio or video material whose audience is the client’s internal staff.  

4- The offer covers the first 400 words.

Our very best wishes to all our partners, customers, employees, and translators. during these unprecedented times. Stay safe and healthy! 

Offer Expiry date: 31 July 2020